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Message from Operation Team

With the world changing in the fast pace in this age of technology, studies related to business and economy have never been the same. The textbook approach of learning and teaching that was at the vogue well up to the dawn of 21st century will not suffice to impart required skills for today’s Facebook and Twitter generation, who are far head in acquiring information from YouTube and other internet sources than their predecessors. Today’s youths need a platform to boost their drive for learning and excelling in their areas of interests.

We at Kathmandu Don Bosco are mindful of these and many other changing realities of the day and respond to the students’ need for excelling in the business world in the way that meets the 21st century requirements of the globalized world.

Learning has never been so extensive and enjoyable today than ever before. It has also become essential for students to acquire global exposure, technological know-how and opportunities for internship in business houses and banks and financial institutions. Our courses, in MBA, EMBA and BBA, are designed in such way to meet these needs and enable the students to become leaders, entrepreneurs, managers, academicians and experts. We look forward to making your dream come true here. Welcome to Kathmandu Don Bosco!

Dr. Surya Prakash Shrestha

Chairman, Executive Operation Committee