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little Angels' College of Higher Studies Xavier Academy College of Graduate Studies

in partnership with
Little Angels' College of Higher Studies (LACHS) and
Xavier Academy College of Graduate Studies (XACGS)



The strategic partnership of three reputed colleges is to create future leaders, business professionals and entrepreneurs. This partnership will offer the students the opportunity of experiencing a unique educational experience, based on the varied, rich, interesting and enviable track record of the three colleges. KDBC hopes to provide one of the most challenging and one of the best place for learning, to fully utilize the potential, latent in each of the student, so that they become successful in their chosen careers. The college will equip the students with the requisite skills to become self-made entrepreneurs. Our new team of distinguished faculty members is keen to prepare our graduates academically and intellectually to refresh their perspectives and rejuvenate their thinking and imagination in new teaching-learning environment in XA premises at Lazimpat. Our courses are designed so as to encompass multidisciplinary approach to learning.

We shall strive to provide our graduates the opportunities to get exposure to international universities. Don Bosco is and will work closely with the federation of business houses of Nepal to provide first hand business experience to our students.

Learning in KDBC
As a learning college;

  • we create an environment that promotes development in individual careers.
  • we engage our students as partners in learning process.
  • we recognise our diverse population of learners and will therefore create and offer a variety of diverse options for learning.
  • we promote collaborative learning activities.
  • we recognize that everyone employed by the college is a learning facilitator.
  • when we improved and expanded learning can be documented.