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International Study and Recreational Visit to Thailand

According to the approved Academic/Activity Calendar, 22 students of MBA 3rd and 4th semesters accompanied by 1 faculty and 2 administrative staff of Kathmandu Don Bosco College undertook a very interesting, enlightening and informative International Study and recreational visitVisit to Thailand during 4-11 November 2015.

The study visit was conducted from 5 – 7 November by Paniyapiwat Institute of Mangement (PIM) which is an institute of higher education founded by CP ALL Plc. PIM started offering fully accredited bachelor and master degree programs from 2007 and doctoral program from 2012. PIM encourages students to learn from workplace based on DJT Model (Deutsch-Japan-Thailand).

The Introductory session on 5th November was conducted by Mr. Atit Koirala, Manager, Organisation Communication and Ms. Nipaporn Prutsakul, Senior Officer, Office of International Relationship, followed by a lecture session on "Oriental Wisdom and Cross Cultural Communication" by Prof. Dr. Tang Zhimin, Dean of International College and Director of China ASEAN Studies Center. During the lecture session, which was very much informative and interactive, Prof. Dr. Zhimin highlighted the wisdom of ancient Eastern and Western philosophies, which have contributed to innovative approaches to management education and research and leadership.

The next day on 6th November, there was an experience sharing session entitled "Experience of studying and working in Thailand." by Mr. Atit Koirala, followed by a lecture on " Public Speaking" by Ms. Puja Singh, Lecturer, Faculty of Liberal Arts. In the public lecture session, Ms. Singh explained the need for a public speaker to grab the attention and convince the audience by delivering one main and important idea. She stated that good public speaking has three components i.e. audience, occasion and purpose.

One of the highlights of the study visit was the trip to Ichitan Group Public Company, which is one of the most influential and successful firms in the rapid growing green tea market in Thailand. The students learned about the process of green tea manufacturing as well as the logistics and supply chain.

On 7th November, Mr. Derek Thitsanuthit delivered a lecture on "Management Thinking", in which he highlighted the management principles of CP ALL, its leadership style and strategy. He also explained the corporate philosophy and values of CP ALL "Through happy employees, we desire to see smiles from customers".

It must be mentioned that CP ALL, which operates the retain chain 7/11, was ranked by Forbes in 2014 as the 8th most innovative company.

The KDBC team also had an opportunity to visit SCG Innovative Exposition 2015. The team experienced innovative and eco- friendly products. The team also visited Mega Bangna Shopping Center, which has Thailand's 1st IKEA store. IKEA is a world- famous  Swedish furniture brand.

Besides the study visit, there were a lot of recreational activities such as the visit to Ayuthaya Floating Market, a place of eco- tourism and culture, as well as to Pataya, where the students enjoyed both the sea and the night life. In Pataya, the team visited the coral island and experienced the joys of exhilaration of parasailing, jet-skiing, sea walking and banana boat ride. The trip to the coral island was very adventurous and full of fun, a truly life-time experience. The team also watched the Thai "Alangkarn Show", which is the largest epic cultural theatre in Pataya, and visited Sriracha Tiger zoo, where the team enjoyed watching the crocodile and tiger show.

In Bangkok, the team visited the Marble temple, the Thai chocolate store and did a lot of shopping.

Overall, the trip to Thailand was very instructive, informative and full of fun.