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MBA 12th Batch Orientation Program

The College organized an Orientation Program for the 12th Batch of MBA students in Gokarna Forest Resort on 22-23 August 2015 . The orientation program started with the welcome address by the Executive Director Mr. Kapil Dev Regmi, who welcomed the students very warmly. This was followed by an inspirational and motivational speech on “Realize Your Dreams” from Prof. Dr. Sriram Bhagut Mathe. The main message was that every person has a dream and this dream can only be realized with hard work, sincerity and commitment. The college intends to help the students realize their dreams by imparting quality and holistic education; at the same time, the college is committed to produce upright citizens, with character and integrity, and who are responsible and accountable.

Subsequently, Hon. Umesh Shrestha elaborated on his vision for Nepal. In his speech on “Business Prospects in Nepal”, he stated that Nepal has a lot of business potentials and gave some examples. He explained some of the business ventures that he is involved in and stressed on the need for all Nepalese to work together to create a more prosperous Nepal.

The first day of the orientation finished with a talent show, in which the students as well as the senior management and faculty showcased their talent.

The second day of the orientation started with the faculty introduction session and overview of the syllabus as well as daily operational matters. This was followed by a couple of management games conducted by Dr. Surya Prakash Shrestha. The students actively participate in these management games.

The Program Coordinator, Mr. Phul Prasad Subedi, conducted a wonderful session on meditation. The formal part of the orientation program ended with the students’ reflection on the program and the vote of thanks by the Chief Administrative Officer, Mr. Prakash Shrestha.

Following the orientation program, there were a number of memorable fun events such as golfing, in which interested students and accompanying faculty and staff were taught the rudimentary principles of golfing and were given 30 golf balls each to practice, as well swimming and spa.

All in all the Orientation Program and the fun events added to a very memorable experience.