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Value-added Class on “Tomorrow’s Leader”

As per the approved academic/activity calendar of the college, one value-added class is to be conducted on the last Saturday of every month. On the last Saturday of November, Mr. L. P. Bhanu Sharma FCA, well-known mystic and academician, and Principal of Apex College, took a value-added class in the college. The class most aptly focused on ‘Tomorrow’s Leader’. Mr. Sharma’s insightful session focused on internal and external qualities of leaders to address the worldly problems. He further encouraged students to lead a meaningful life. “In this era, social entrepreneurship is a remedy to solve social problems” Sharma advocated. During the class, KDBC students, Mr. Pradip Kumar Rauniyar (MBA- III), Mr. Navaraj Pandey (MBA-I), Mr. Hari Shrestha (EMBA-II) and Ms. Rashmi Maharjan (EMBA-II) presented different social entrepreneurship models, which could contribute to the betterment of the society. Mr. Sharma assured the students that he is ready to provide the necessary support to start new enterprises/businesses through Jeevan Vigyan Kendra.

Mr. Sharma shared his experiences working with Bagmati cleaning campaign and talked about the need for Nepalese to work 18 hours every day to create a prosperous Nepal. He opined that it is pointless to blame others. He further stated that managers solve the problems, but entrepreneurs earn money solving the problem. He ended his class by exhorting the students to be job creators not job-seekers.