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Inspiring session on Management Mantra and Tax System

26 Nov. 2016: Mr. Chudamani Sharma, Director General of Inland Revenue Department of Nepal delivered a session to the students of Kathmandu Don Bosco College on ‘Management Mantra and Tax System’ on 26 th Nov. 2016. Mr. Sharma highlighted different aspects of Management with his formula policy from A to E and Kha to Gha which could help in memorizing the fundamentals of basic principle. He emphasized in ‘PREMO’, P stands for policy, R stands for resources, E represents ecology, M depicts for monitoring and evaluation while O speaks for organization. Students found his formula approach of memorizing helpful.

Mr. Sharma urged students that they should win themselves first before they get ready to win the organization they work and the society they live in. In his understanding God is the one who protects and gives food and shelter rather than the stone kept in the temples. Every student should try to achieve best and should stand ahead whatever profession they opt. Mr. Sharma highlighted tax policy and collection procedure of Nepal. He shared his rich job experiences of his service in different departments of Nepal Government. Mr. Kapil Dev Regmi, Executive Director of KDBC introduced him as one of the most performing high level Government employee, who could be the inspiration to many people.