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Motivational session of CAN President

On 31 Dec 2016: Mr. Hari Kumar Silwal, President, Associations of Chartered Accountants of Nepal and well known trainer, business and ADR consultant delivered a lecture at KDBC to MBA students. Mr. Silwal is also known as counselor, motivator, researcher and social entrepreneur. He has taken various trainings form the IIA and Harvard -USA, India, UK and Nepal.

Prof. Dr. Sriram Bhagur Mathe, the Chairman of KDBC welcomed Mr. Silwal and introduced the speaker to the students.

The session was highlighted on the preliminary facts and consequences of business conflicts and dispute settlements. The lecture was stimulating and motivating to the young minds of MBA. The session was focused on different enterprises and related workplace disputes with relevant real examples.

Mr. Silwal emphasized that conflict can be managed in the very beginning by resolving and managing it properly. Also, disputes settlement with alternative ways is always better than the traditional system of tribunals and courts. Alternative dispute settlement can result in Win-Win, Win-Loss, Loss-Loss, No deal etc. situation. Dispute settlement should be focused on less destructive, more beneficial to the related parties. Mr. Silwal also briefly presented the conflict and dispute issues in Nepalese context and discussed current composite market scenario. He also introduced the participants to some case projects and challenges faced by the composite business world.