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25 March 2017; Mr. Sugat Ratna Kansakar, Managing Director of Nepal Airlines delivered a session at Kathmandu Don Bosco College to MBA and EMBA students. Mr. Kansakar is a person behind introducing mobile technology in Nepal to a wider group. In the same way, he has brought changes in Nepal Airlines, added aircrafts. He gave a very interesting talk on "LEADERSHIP CHALLENGES IN THE NEPALESE CONTEXT". He acknowledged that Nepal is lacking behind due to lack of determination and prompt decision-making. People are afraid to take timely decisions. He quoted research on leadership failure, 90% of which is because of character, morality and integrity. He stated that there are plenty of opportunities in the country and the country can be a very rich country if we all work together with purpose and vision. Students were extremely motivated by his very enlightening speech.

Mr. Kansakar highlighted that most of the people blame others but do not focus on owns work. The private sector should be given priority as they contribute 70-80% in the economic development. He has motivated his team in Nepal airlines focusing 3 areas in work namely sense of urgency, change management and happiness at work. He urged the need of manufacturing industries in the country.

KDBC brings professionals, entrepreneurs and academicians at least once in each month to explore possibilities. These series have been beneficial to the MBA/EMBA students.

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