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Special Lecture by Mr. Karan Shakya, Hotelier/ Entrepreneur Par Excellence

As a part of the distinguished special lecture series, Mr. Karna Shakya, Nepalese environmentalist, conservationist, hotel entrepreneur, writer and philanthropist was invited to KDBC on 6 May 2017. He delivered an exceptional motivational lecture about his lifetime achievements and experiences to a gathering of 65 MBA/EMBA students and faculty of KDBC and Xavier Academy.

Mr. Shakya has served as a wildlife officer in 1967 and was instrumental in establishing the first National Park in Nepal. Mr. Shakya is very successful entrepreneur of the country. He is the founding chairman of the KGH Group of Hotels. He has also served as a president of Nepal Heritage Society, and Nepal Cancer Relief Society. He has been involved in many national and international organizations like World Pheasant Association, U.K., King Mahendra Trust for Nature Conservation (KMTNC), International Snow Leopard Trust, U.S.A., World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Nepal, Visit Nepal, Prime Minister's Economic Advisory Committee.

Mr. Shakya’s entrepreneurial journey, startup works and contributions towards tourism and hotel industry impressed all the students present. He stressed that the country is very rich in natural resources and can be a very prosperous country, if we shed our negative attitudes and focus on positivity. According to him, challenges in life brings opportunity as well as success. One should have self confidence and be positive about everything. Good education, continuous efforts, determination and honesty are the ingredients for success.

A person must love his work to be successful. Without love the work, one can be an employee, but never be an entrepreneur. Love for the work generates passion. An entrepreneur must love and get lost in his/her work. According to Mr. Shakya businessmen live for today, whereas entrepreneurs live for tomorrow. The person will not be successful by reading books only, one has to experience, commit mistakes and learn from the mistakes.

Being in the hospitality business for a long time, Mr. Shakya feels, a hotel isn’t built but created. The environment  provided to the guests is of more important than the infrastructure itself! He also explained about the Karna Positive Trust and the Soch Samuha. The students expressed their interest in forming such group in KDBC.

Prof. Dr. Sriram Bhagut Mathe, Chairman of KDBC, expressed thanks to Mr. Shakya for his highly inspirational session and expected to welcome him again in future.