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Orientation Program

On 24 and 25 August 2018, the orientation program for the students of MBA 18th fall batch was organized in Gokarna Forest Resort. The orientation ceremony was attended by 24 new entrants, KDBC Board members, faculty members and staff. The program started with a hearty welcome and speech covering the vision, mission and value system of the college by Ms Rashmi Sharma. The Board Director, Mr. Kapil Dev Regmi briefed about the MBA program and highlighted the significance of management education.

Ms Samjhana Kharel, BOD, indulge students in a very participative and energetic way of knowing each other that connected the students, the faculty and the management. All the students discovered it interesting to introduce their friends and know each other in an unusual approach. Mr. Rajendra Bhadur Shrestha, Motivational speaker binds students mind into the core of self exploration in his motivational and interactive session. It was wonderful session on inner peace and happiness and also shared his rich experience with the students. Rajesh Shrestha, BOD gave very interesting insights on the MBA charm in present scenario in his short say.

The Vice Chairperson of the college, Hon Umesh Shrestha Chairman of KDBC, welcomed the students and stressed on the need and importance of the decision making and education in the student’s life. He expressed his optimism about the ample opportunities and entrepreneurship aspects in the country and motivates students for their contribution.

Students highly appreciated the management game conducted by Ms Neha Amatya, Faculty of KDBC, in which students enjoyed the self exploration and team building acts. Ms. Madhuri Shrestha, Program Officers, hosted the program. It was an inspirational and memorable event comprised of worthwhile motivational speeches, management games, talent show, performances and golfing.

The new academic session for the students began on 17 August 2018.